ubersimple uCheck-N-Print for Events (used at Boston New Tech Meetup)

November 17 - 26 #GBSale

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This Demo is Amazing... MUST WATCH!

All systems will be delivered or available for pick up or the week of Dec 1, 2014

You may provide your own shipping account if desired. Choose local delivery and provide contact information.

System includes:

  • Touch monitor, 
  • Thermal printer, 
  • 1 Roll of 300 labels, 
  • uCheckNPrint Software*

Accessory pack includes:

  • monitor bag
  • printer bag
  • 1,500 additional labels(5 rolls)
  • 2 wire bins
  • 25' extension cord
  • 0' power cord
  • 2-to-3 prong power adapter
  • 2 event codes

*Software requires a $35 per event activation code for each station (sold separately)

If ordering multiple stations, the sync adapter (which enable multiple systems to work together on a singular event) can be purchased as a separate add-on for $99.00 This feature will also enable wireless printing for your stations.

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