Ubersimple.com is giving away one

üCheckIN™ system to one lucky winner

Learn More: http://Contest.Ubersimple.com

This is a $3,500 value, yours for Free!

As enthusiastic as we are about our upcoming launch on Amazon, we are offering your organization a chance to win an übersimple  üCheckIn™ system for your events!

Complete with touch monitor, software, carrier bag, printer and labels.

Just add your logo and you are ready to go!

See the Fastest Check In System In The World   (on YouTube)

Here's the Deal:

Apply online using using as many of these methods as you can stand Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+

We want to see how uCheckIn solves your problem!

  • Include the hashtag #IWantUbersimple or #uCheckIN and include a picture of your current checkIn process, or lack thereof of. (We don't judge...the messier the better!)

  • Let us know how the World's Fastest event Check-In system will

  • Don't be afraid to involve your attendees with signs, retweets, & videos.

  • Bonus karma for sharing the contest:  http://contest.ubersimple.com

  • Enter often! Be serious, comical, or just plead your case... It's all ok!

And the Gotcha's

  • You must be a legitimate organization within the continental United States to be eligible.
  • You must hold at minimum 12 events per year, (or have a really good compensating factor that you can demonstrate).
  • You must apply online through social media only, sorry, but mail, email, phone calls, voice mail and personal requests will not be used to determine the winner.
  • We do have some legal stuff we have to follow of course, so the winner is subject to some extra paperwork.
  • Friends & Family are not eligible - sorry fam, Holiday dinners don't count as events
  • Contest closes around the 5,000 total posts mark across all our social media channels
  • Winner is selected and notified by social media shortly after