Association Benefits of AppPack

AppPack is a robust professional profile tool that can address multiple facets of a typical association or business network. From member retention to new revenue opportunities, AppPack covers many needs.

Member satisfaction.

  • Your members benefit by having a high tech tool that would cost much more in the public market.

  • Your members can put their profile in more places both online and offline, which can lead to consumers finding them for new business.

  • Your members become attached to direct referrals and leads as a result of the efficiency, which can help member retention.

Revenue opportunities.

  • Your association can charge professionals outside your association who want to be marketed next to your members. This can lead to new memberships or affiliate advertising.

  • Your association can determine if certain features of the profile system are premium

  • Your association will have an online and mobile directory that allows customers to search by category keywords within your association only

  • Your association can sell category keywords at various price points, for various time frames and to any number of people.

  • Your association can increase the number of viewing opportunities where sponsors can be seen, providing a better return to your sponsor, and potential new opportunity for more advertising.

  • With costs that can reach $2/member profile/month, there is opportunity to cover this amount through member participation in the fee, sponsorship, selling category keywords and search terms to members, affiliate advertising, and members bringing in their own sponsor relationships to the association.

  • An online and mobile member directory is included with all packages. Select packages include the ability to add revenue opportunities to the AppPack system that yield a positive revenue.

PR & marketing benefits.

  • When members market themselves using AppPack, they are also marketing your organization.

  • Members would all be able to use the same uniform manner to market, strengthening your brand.

  • Your members profiles link to your association's directory, and select member profiles, virally creating association exposure with new viewers.

  • Your association's existing system can be synchronized with AppPack to make managing member profiles automated. Minimal effort for the expanded reach members provide.

  • Your association can receive reports showing high level details and statistics on member profiles.

  • Your association can issue profile accounts to members and affiliates for as long as they are members.

  • Your associations can reuse profiles in the event of member turnover, which allows you to remain connected to the consumer audience.