Consumer Benefits of AppPack

Collect information, privately.

AppPack allows you to collect information in a private and convenient way using your smartphone.

Have everything about a person in seconds.

You can type a short 6 character code and instantly have that person's name, email, photo, office address, website, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google plus information a click away. You can also meet this person from a recorded video, and have access to their company information too so that you can do your own background research more conveniently, and all from one place.

Convenient access to information and materials whenever and wherever

AppPack means never having to remember who you met and when. Just enter a search term, and the people you do business with, show up. You can connect directly with them by phone, email, or even their social sites.

One simple app to handle business information better.

The AppPack app is free in iOS and Android app stores. There is no registration required to use the app. It allows for unlimited collecting of profiles. The app has no pop-up advertisements or in-app purchases either. AppPack is a free tool that lets you quickly keep others people profiles and business information on your phone, while letting the person update their profile and business information if it changes.

Simple way to share with multiple people.

When you want to refer a professional who has a great product or service, you can do so in seconds. Use the share icon and send the entire profile including product information to a friend who needs it. Since all the information is on their phone, your friend can look at it first hand.

Efficient and paperless.

If you attend trade events or business conferences, use the AppPack app to quickly take away speaker and exhibitor information on your phone so you don't have to collect heavy bags of paper. Being able to keep that information close makes it efficient to search and connect back with exhibitors even months later.