How AppPack Works:

A professional shares their profile and service information for consumers to collect.

A Professional creates their profile with usual contact information found on their business card, company directory, brochure and website. They also can include separate contact information for their company. This makes it convenient for consumers to have all contact information in one place.

A Professional can enhance their profile with some modern things, such as a video introduction plus a second video for their product or service. The first video is more to introduce a person, while the second introduces, or educates a consumer on their product or service.  There is even a dedicated third video to introduce the company.

A Professional can add marketing materials such as digital literature, articles, presentations, product demonstrations, testimonials, audio files, offers and anything else a new customer should have.

A Professional shares their profile out through a variety of ways using a link or QR code on things like business cards, email signatures and existing marketing material. This enables consumers to collect their profile information, easier from everywhere, even events, conferences and client meetings.   

Consumers can pick up the information either online or in a free mobile app.

Method 1: online in computers

A consumer can click a link and instantly see a person's profile. A profile link never changes, so it can be used over and over again in nearly every place you can imagine. It can even be turned into a QR code for online and offline marketing.

Method 2: in an smartphone app

A consumer uses the iOS or Android mobile app, and scans a QR (or type a persons code) and has a person's profile saved to their phone automatically in seconds.

The benefit of both a mobile app and a website means there is no restriction how or where consumers see the information, and consumers can use any device they have. The smartphone app stores the information for long term use, while automatically synchronizing any changes the professionals make.

Organizations can leverage the AppPack system in multiple ways

AppPack is also a platform that allows organizations to use it for their own needs and incorporate revenue streams.

The AppPack directory tool can be used for your members and their profiles, as well as to include sponsors and affiliates, plus category keyword sales.

The AppPack event tool allows for registrations, check-ins, name tag printing, statistics, bulk emailing, and provides your audience a simple way to take away information on exhibitors and speakers.

There are always increasing possibilities with the AppPack platform.