Member Benefits of AppPack:

Being accessible is the best place to start. Start by adding to your AppPack profile.

Make it easy for prospects to get to know you. Include whatever contact information people should contact you by, including Phone, Email, Professional Website, Office Address, LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, your biography, your photo, and even make a 20-40 second video or voice recording introducing yourself telling any viewer why and when they need to reach out to you.

Setting your profile once, saves you time with each client and get you new referrals.

Recording a video of yourself can be done in less than a couple minutes with just a smartphone!

  - If you need something to say, we have sample scripts available (no charge)

  - If you need some tips on how to record a video of yourself, we have a tip sheet available (no charge)

  - If you need somewhere to upload your video, we suggest YouTube (no charge)

  - If you want your video to have some extra flair, we can do video editing! (additional charge)

Use AppPack as a way to include information you normally send new prospects. Things like do's & don'ts, product information, articles on benefits, and even make a short video to really make an impression.

Create your own member network and reach more people

Link profiles of other members to your mobile profile, creating your own preferred network of professionals. Consumers can now quickly reach anyone you've recommended vs. searching on their own. Encourage your network to link you to them. As you each refer yourself out through marketing, the entire team gets seen together, and offers each of you an opportunity to work with the consumer to determine their needs and refer them back to someone in your network instead of an outside competitor moving the consumer into their own network of people.

As you speak to clients, let them know that your profile includes a network of professionals who can  answer other questions that come up. Also, inform your professional network that referrals have their contact information and will start contacting them directly as a result of you.

Also, your profile has information about your services that can be used by other people, so tell customers it's ok to share your profile with friends through email, text messaging and scanning phone-to-phone.

Integrate AppPack with your existing marketing methods. Add your AppPack profile link and QR code to your marketing materials, business card, websites, LinkedIn profile and email signature.

Informing your clients about AppPack is as simple as saying:

"John, I want to make it easy for you to keep tabs on me. I use a tool called "AppPack" that allows you to enter my special code and have my information and materials on your phone in seconds. There's no fee or registration required, your privacy is important to me, which is why I use this tool for my clients. Just so I can be sure you have my information correctly, could you please download "AppPack" from your app store so you can enter my code: "ABC123". Now that you have it on your phone, all my information is there, plus my network of people I work with. Everything stays up to date, and it's easy for you to share this information with your spouse. I always appreciate referrals if I do a good job for you, and using the share icon in the upper right, you can share my AppPack profile with anyone privately so they can contact me directly whenever they have a question. Also, you can get the same information on your computer from the link in my email signature."