What is AppPack?

AppPack uses modern technology to make sharing information simple.

Professionals hand out business cards, distribute brochures, print business directories, send people to websites or use a variety of advertising systems that land people on a page only to have them leave and seldom return.

The problem isn't that it's done this way, the problem is these methods don't take into account how technology has evolved, nor how people use their mobile devices as a primary point of reference today. These other methods required the person on the receiving end to take the extra steps necessary to transfer the information from the business card, read through a printed directory, pull out brochures or re-visit websites.

AppPack is designed to accommodate the changing technological landscape and be a solution that could solve the fundamental problem. People need an simple and convenient way to keep information so it can be re-used later. AppPack achieves the same goal as all these paper and online methods, but handles it in such a way that the experience is simple and painless for consumers.

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