Software for Events and Professional Networking

Our Mission is to "Over Simplify Mundane Tasks To Make Them Easier"

übersimple (pronounced; o͞o-ber sim-pul) 

The German word "über", meaning "over or above", with the English word "simple" to express that we focus our talents on ways to make sharing simple to do.

Ubersimple is a software company that creates tools for event organizers, networking purposes. Our team is passionate about finding ways to automate tasks remove steps from tedious processes and make life simple.

"Technology should do complex things, but not be complex to use" - Brad Durbin, Founder

We strive to make it universal that everyone can use technology to share information faster than before. 

Ubersimple LLC Year by Year

2010 - website launched

2011 - Company incorporated as an LLC

2012 - Public Release of AppPack iOS 7 Android 

2013 - Merrimack Valley Sandbox Summer Accelerator Program Finalist and $5,000 Prize Winner, AppPack Web Version release

2014 - Public Release of The World's Fastest Check-In System

Ubersimple really was born of several other past experiences. We like to say that we have been working on our company our entire lives.

It's only recent that we actually gave ourselves a name.

Ubersimple co-founders, Brad Durbin and Antonio Bello, have been working with software, technology, and the business world for more than 15 years. Ubersimple, is a sum of all their experiences.

AppPack was our first product, but it was not an idea that came to us out of the blue.

The problem was staring us right in the face. We were continually designing sales tracking, dashboards, data transfer systems, telecom software, and more. It's only when we both were talking one day about some of our prior victories when we noticed, all of our clients wanted a way for them to send information easier.

Although there are many tools for internal business needs, there was a severe lack of tools for business to client needs. We asked ourselves, "Why hasn't anyone made a way that businesses could do it for consumers?".

The answer was because it was too complex. Too many unrelated systems. Too many per user costs. Too many changing security issues. Too much training involved. 

We then decided it was time to build a way that would let you give prospects your information, that would be mobile based, and wouldn't require much training. This creation would also allow you to auto update information, would be secure, and it would be an affordable solution.

A couple months later we had the working prototype, tested it with both old and new clients, and the reaction was astounding.

In less than 3 minutes, we had our first order from a well know financial firm in our area, and they also wanted to invest in our company. We took that as a positive reaction, and continued to turn our prototype into a more polished working engine.

Today, we have AppPack DBC, The only Digital Business Card that lets you share people and apps.

In addition to this we have created and launched several other products that help Event Organizers, Sales Professionals, & people who like to Network.