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The übersimple Team:

Brad Durbin
Brad Durbin
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Age: 40 Born: New York
Favorite Hobby: Imagining stuff, then building it
Bachelor Science Degree, Fitchburg State College

Brad is the visionary behind ubersimple and AppPack. He is passionate about using the flexibility of software to simplify tough problems. Working with computers since birth, he loves finding ways to make the computer work smarter and easier for the person using it. His combination of programming, business and sales give him an edge to work with the entire team on their level. After meeting him, you soon find that his mind never shuts off. With a mind like a sponge, he gets ideas from everywhere and you will find Brad sketching new ideas on anything he can write on...
Brad's "No is never an option" approach, he challenges himself and the people around him to always think "How can it be done?". 

"From his neck down a man is worth a couple of dollars a day, from his neck up he is worth anything that his brain can produce."  - T. Edison

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