Why are we different?
Unlike other online services, you get the ability to push directly to mobile devices in bulk, saving you half the time of doing it repetitively.  
Newsletters require signup first. Online accounts require registration. Social sites require connecting beforehand. Mailers are impersonal. Sending information to leads one at a time is not efficient. Consumers doing research first need a quick and simple way to get information before connecting with you directly. AppPack offers the best of both worlds. 

* Fast setup
It takes only minutes to setup and you can be on mobile phones immediately

* Multiple ways to get your information
Prospects can get your info from a multitude of ways online, offline, in person & from friends

* Infinitely scalable with a Finite cost
We don't tax your success. Sharing is unlimited, so you don't pay extra per view, click, share or impression. Your information can be shared among tens, hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands of people at no additional cost 

* Unique Analytics
We have an analytics engine like no other. Rather than only knowing your impressions on your social sites only went up by one like or new connection, we can aggregate the unique number of people for you. We offer you the ability to have valuable information on the success of your mobile marketing. Our design is proprietary with insight to trends with your audience, as well as your industry