How does AppPack help?
You can deliver more information, to more people, in less time, with less obstacles and less effort. 
It's all about efficiency and productivity. We designed our technology to make you more efficient with clients, so you can be more productive with the clients you have. 

Faster meetings
When you meet someone, you can skip the boring in-depth detail oriented pitch that they will never remember anyway and give them a high level overview and then share your AppPack with them

Here's how fast a conversation can go now:
"Hi Jane, It's nice to meet you. I'm in the mortgage profession and I can certainly help you with any questions you have regarding home mortgages. 

I'll send you my information using AppPack so I don't clutter your inbox, and so you can have the information I share right on your phone. 

You'll be able to get the educational information upfront so you can go through it when it's convenient for you. AppPack is free in the app stores so there is no cost to you to, plus you can use it online too."  

Customer consideration
Customers need better resources and from local professionals instead of "the web". You can be one of those professionals that provides your local community with your expertise. Customers that appreciate the extra effort you make to enrich their lives will certainly regard you as a true professional

Time efficieny
You normally have a flow where you send information in bits and pieces, and either hours or days after meeting new clients. AppPack makes it easy to give a full set of information on-the-spot without losing any time. Prospects walk away with your business and product information immediately so you can move forward