What does our Company do?
We provide a mobile app solution for professionals to market their product, themself and their company brand.
Mobile is the present and the future, it's only a matter of time before you are left behind. AppPack realizes that professionals will need a simple effective way to brand themself on smart phones, so we built a tool that allows for professionals to create personalized product and business branding in a mobile app.

Analytics and statistics
We love numbers and big data, so we focused on not only having a cost effective way to "have a mobile app that you share", but also to measure your success. Our unique system allows for you to know what's happening in your AppPack. The analytics can help you focus your marketing dollars and efforts in the right area, plus we can alert you to growing trends so you can stay current with the times. 

Business services
We know not everyone is equally interested in technology, but in today's business society, it's almost mandatory to use some form of technology for your business, whether it be email, a website, or online service. We can offer additional premium services to help you with marketing and data collection efforts. From creating you a website to finding articles to share, we can help fill in the gaps.
We can even take special requests that you might have. 

Develop, Build, Market & Train
We are software programmers, business developers, marketers and technical experts. We write all our own code and do it all from scratch. This allows us the greatest flexibility to make changes, and improve faster than anyone else. The benefit to you is that if a problem arises, we can act swiftly to resolve it. We do what we can to give you the most complete way to move forward as technology changes.