Why should you use AppPack?
To leverage mobile technology
It's much easier for people nowadays to use their smart phones and tablets as part of their daily life. We make it simple for everyone to save your info to their phone in seconds, while giving you the ability to update it remotely to everyone. 

To share mixed formats of your content in a single place
One person wants a video, another a PDF, others get newsletters, or links. You automate this by providing everything in one place, and it's in a mobile app, so you know it's with your clients at all times. 

To see unique statistics and analytics on your marketing
AppPack allows you to gain insight to see how people relate to your marketing. We bring together statistics from all your social sites, websites, links you share and more and aggregate them in one place. 

It's cost effective for you
Our efficient design allows us to offer the lowest prices in the industry for this type of service. Your return on investment (R.O.I.) can easily be 15x to 50x or more!