Question: What's the difference between an "App" and a "Pack"

Answer: A "Pack" is a way to have a the full app experience, without building an app yourself. Ubersimple builds one app, called "AppPack", that holds one or more "Packs". The "Pack" is your info, your business affiliates info, and even other people can sign up to make packs to share too. 

Apps are software. They run on smart phones (iOS and Android). They are downloaded from the app stores. To build an app, can cost several hundred to a couple hundred thousand (the more it does, the more expensive to build). Since smart phones are always evolving and changing, apps then need regular maintenance, which is more time and more money, on top of knowing what to do. For really useful, business related apps, this becomes a full time job. 

Question: Does AppPack run natively on phones or is it a shell program, like PhoneGap?

Answer: AppPack is built from the ground up. It runs natively on Apple's iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), plus it runs natively on Android phones, tablets, and TV's. (Natively means we use the programming code directly licensed from Apple and Google.) We do this because we get it first, we can use all the tools Apple and Google allow, and we can make changes and add new features faster, plus, we can make sure each version works with the correct devices. A shell mimics the code provided by Apple and Google, but it's not exactly the same thing, they typically receive slower updates, and can break on certain devices because the code is written for shared use, vs. a specific purpose. 

Question: Why "Packs"?

Answer: It's a dual purpose meaning. "Packs" let you hold things in them, i.e. your information, and there can be multiple of them. An app is singular, and can only hold you, and only one thing at a time. We felt to offer Loan Officers, and their business partners a unique way of being able to all use a simliar tool, but personalized in their own unique way, making a tool that allowed "packs" to be collected in an "app" was the most promising. 

Question: How do the statistics work?

Answer: Luckily, there is nothing new to learn, statistics work not too different than you might be used to with a website. There can be visitors, and clicks, plus some other demographic info, but this is not personal info of viewers. For security and privacy reasons, that information is always anonymous. We use a worldwide leader as the default, called Google Analytics, to handle much of the statistics, plus we are able to include some additional details like number of downloads, scans, and click by time of day. 

Question: Do my clients or customers need to pay anything?

Answer: Your clients pay nothing. The mobile app is free in all app stores. This allows anyone to be able to get it, with out restriction. It makes it better for your information to travel further, and remain active longer. 

Question: What is the revenue model for Ubersimple and AppPack?

Answer: Our model is similar to most membership based models. In order to create, share, update, and get statistics, you need a paid membership. To view is always free. AppPack memberships should only appeal to serious business professionals, marketing managers, and potentially event organizers.

Question: Do my clients need to register for anything? 

Answer: Not al all. AppPack needs to be ubersimple after all. Anyone can get the free AppPack app in app stores, and just start using it. There is an option to register for a free account, but that's only to sync between multiple devices, and do backups. Signing up or payment is never required to view Packs. 

Question: Would I just have one pack or multiple packs?

Answer: Either option works, it's totally up to you. It would really depend on how many specialties you have, and how much variety of information you want to share. We made AppPack with "scaling" in mind. So there is no issue doing it either way. You can have a single pack that introduces yourself, and then gives prospects the ability to pull down on-demand the area of specialty you offer. You can also combine all these specialities into a single pack and share that all on its own. We are hear to help with questions like these, so please reach out to us. 

Question: What is a "Vanity Code"? 

Answer: Just like a great 1-800 phone number, domain name, or email address, having a vanity code lets you share your pack with a special word or phrase. As an example, for Loan Officers, each LO has a NMLS ID, and it's only ever given out to one person throughout history. We can use that same set of numbers and make that your Vanity Code. Since LO's must remember this and use it on every marketing piece, it makes it that much simpler to just use your NMLS ID for your default Pack. Once a vanity code is assigned, no one else can ever have it. (and a word to the ambitious - will we not allow vanity codes to be traded, lent, rented, sold or otherwise) Vanity codes can be purchased, and their is a review process involved, this is to keep our system running smooth, so some restrictions apply.

Question: How are packs identified? 

Answer: Each Pack has a different 6 character code made up random letters and numbers (i.e. ABC123). This allows each pack to be unique and provides you as the owner of that pack, a permanent way to identify your pack when sharing using a link or QR code. A vanity code, is that same permanent code to your pack, but it can be something with a bit more vanity. 

Question: Can I cancel my account? 

Answer: We don't want you to have any pressure about doing business with us. If you need to cancel, you can. If there is a different issue you need resolved, contact us, we are flexible human beings, and we can work something out. We can even prorate a refund for you. To cancel, call (442-777-2251) or email ( us with your name, email address and phone number.