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How To

If you need assistance with setup, please reach us by phone or email. 
442-777-2251 or

1) Download AppPack to your smartphone or tablet
ios AppPack Ubersimple android AppPack ubersimple

2) Login (or register)

 a) Open the mobile app
 b) Then press the Settings button, 
 c) Then Login button (or register button)

3) Fill in your Personal & Company profile
(Reminder: You can call or email us to set this up for you.)

Start by adding contact information for yourself and your company. 

This is just information you already have on websites, business cards, social sites and in print publications. 

The video may be something you don't have yet, but the video help your audience learn "Who you are" much faster and easier than paper. The good news is, with AppPack, you can update it over time, so you can make you video tomorrow. Here is a guide to help you with making your own video. 

* Once the contact information is set up for you and your company, you don't need to set it up again.  
If you need help, we can help setup your information too (*copy and paste everything from this link and email it back to the address listed and we can enter this for you) 

4) Add content for your audience

Then add the information for your audience. Things such as product information, marketing materials, product demos, slide shows or presentations, etc. 

Password issues:

If you don't remember your password, please have it reset here: