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Quick Start

Quick Start Guide
Step 1:

Download AppPack DBC & Open Settings Page
Search for "AppPack" as one word, 
or use these quick links: iphone or Android

Once you have succesfully downloaded and launched AppPack DBC you will be taken to the dashboard.

Look in the top right corner for the gear slider icon, that is your settings button.

Step 2:

Create an Account

Click on "Register", enter your nameemail and create a password of 8 characters or more. 

A new account and a blank DBC (Digital Business Card) will be created for you.

An email will shortly follow with instructions on how to fill in your new DBC online or via your mobile device.

To see your newly created Digital Business Card, go to the dashboard and click on "Created" to see your DBC

Step 3:

Go Network!

Now that you have a Digital Business Card networking will never be the same again.

Use your DBC to send instant follow up messages to the people who hand you their business card.

Open up your dashboard and click "QuickShare" then enter the email address for your recipient and they will be sent an email with a link to you Digital Business Card. 

All changes you make in the future are automatically updated on all your contacts phones so they will always have your latest information.

AppPack DBC The Last Business Card You Will Ever Need
A quick reminder on paid vs. free accounts: 

After registering a new account, you will have all business features for 30 days and the the option to get a paid annual account thereafter (with an additional 30 day full refund period.) 

There is no obligation to get a premium account, and you may cancel at any time and continue with the free account*. 

*Free accounts are available for everyone in the world, but will not display your specific contact information, videos, or links on DBCs you create (though you will always see your own contact details on your phone). 

The status of your paid account determines whether or not your details are visible to others on their phone. 
Digital Business Card (AppPack)