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To receive support, please complete the support request form below. 
Alternatively, you may email the team with your issue

About Ubersimple Support:
We do our own programming, which means you get support with one of our developers, who are experts on our products, and therefore have all the answers. We keep our costs low by streamlining a way to communicate directly to the developers and programmers. Our developers and programmers are busy on projects non-stop, so we schedule all support requests by appointment only based on the developers availability, however, email allows us to read and respond more effectively. 

All methods of support listed below are available 7 days a week. Hours vary by availability and request.

 * Email/ Online support is no charge for uCheckNPrint, AppPack and Directory

 * Premium Phone support is by appointment only and $60 per instance

 * Premium Remote Desktop Support is by appointment only and $60 per instance

 * Premium On-site support is by appointment only and is $350 for 4 hours or $650 for 8 hours

After submitting your request above, a team member respond back as needed.