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Employee Announcement

Let your employees know they can begin using AppPack for your company. 
We have prepared some quick and simple email messages below. 

Copy and paste below:

To all Sales and Marketing staff,

You can begin using AppPack to share your profile information with business partners, and clients and generate new leads and referrals. (video)

AppPack is a mobile and online system that allows you to enter all your pertinent business contact information, plus more. (sample profile)

You can start by creating your own account by doing the following:
1. Download AppPack for iOS or Android (see here for other platforms)
2. Click Menu and Register

IMPORTANT: You must register with your company email address in order to be added to our corporate billing. 

You will be sent an email to complete the registration and instruction on how to complete your profile.

After your profile has been created, you can begin using like this:
  • Add the link to your email signature
  • Add the QR code or link to your business card
  • Add the QR code or link to your marketing material. 

We will automatically include your profile QR and link on your marketing material for employees who have signed up. 

The AppPack team is available for questions by phone and email or 44-AppPack-1 (442-777-2251)