"Bring the convenience of self check-in kiosks to your events."

Goodbye Long Lines & Name Tag Tables

Hello üCheck-N-Print by übersimple.com


The Fastest Event Check-In System Around

Imagine checking-in 100 people in under 10 minutes - With just 1 station!
Name tags print on-demand, +Plus you get attendance tracking built-in

ubersimple.com uCheck-N-Print 6 station event check in and registration

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* Capture Walk-In Registrations Contact Info
* Export Emails & Statistics to your CRM
* Reduce Name Tag Setup Time & Cost
* Really Fast 3-Second Check-In 
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How It Works: 
TAP                     TAP                         PRINT         
Ubersimple uCheckNprint - Easy as 1-2-3

1. Tap a letter in your First or Last name
2. Tap your Name & Name Tag Prints!
That's It!

People Smile - Lines Shorten


Most events are plagued with one or more problems: 
  • Slow check-in lines, 
  • misspelled name tags, 
  • walk-in guests getting hand written name tags, 
  • but mostly, lack of good attendance tracking including collecting contact information.

"THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!"... üCheck-N-Print is the solution

üCheck-N-Print has a unique approach: Let guests check themself in!
Our touch screen based system is fast, friendly and efficient. 

Guests touch a couple letters of their name, or company, then tap to print. That's It!

This means check in times can be reduced to just a few seconds (most of time it's as fast as 3 seconds per person) requiing less staff that now only have to greet and usher attendees as they arrive. 
This will be sure to put smiles on faces.

Event checking can be frustrating, so we thought of everything to fix common situations as fast as possible!
We've got just about every situation covered: (if we forgot a feature, let us know!)
  • Print a name tag: Tap a couple letters in name - Print (3 seconds)
  • Reprint a name tag: Tap a couple letters in name - Print (3 seconds)
  • Add a missing name: Tap register - type name - print (less than 10 seconds)
  • Correct a misspelled name: Tap edit - Type Letters to find Name - Tap to edit - retype name - print (less than 10 seconds)
  • See if someone checked in:   Tap a couple letters in name - Tap check mark for checked in time (3 seconds)
  • See how many people checked in: Tap the statistics number on dashboard (1 second)
  • Collect email (& twitter, company name, or job title): Tap settings - Tap Walk-Ins - Set each as 'Required' (3 seconds)
  • Limit guests to RSVPs Only:  Tap settings - Tap Search - Tap "RSVP Only" (3 seconds)
  • Let Walk-In Guests Self register:  Tap settings - Tap Walk-ins - Tap "Self Register" (3 seconds)
  • Direct Walk-ins to see an attendant:  Tap settings - Tap Walk-ins - Tap "Send to attendant" (3 seconds)
  • Track Paid Guests:  Tap settings - Tap Event - Check Paid Event - import RSVP list
  • Use {Eventbrite, Meetup, Attend, etc.}: Export to CSV/XLS to USB key - Tap Settings - Tap Event - Import (10 seconds)
  • Use Multiple RSVP systems or ListsExport to CSV/XLS to USB key - Tap Settings - Event - Import (10 seconds)..repeat
  • Import Paid Guests: Add column PAID to CSV/XLS file, enter YES or PAID - Import as above (10 seconds)
  • Import Roles: Add column ROLE to CSV/XLS file, enter Role (Speaker, Guest, etc. )- Import as above (10 seconds)
  • Import Custom Data: Add columns CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, CUSTOM3 to CSV/XLS file - Import as above (10 seconds)
  • Export data to your CRM: Insert USB key - Tap Settings - Tap Event - Tap Export (a CSV is exported) (3 seconds)
  • Export a pre-made list of emailsInsert USB key - Tap Settings - Event - Export (an HTML file is exported) (3 seconds)
  • Integrate Sponsors: (max. 8 sponsors) Tap Settings - Tap Sponsors - Add image & printable text - Tap Enable (10 seconds)
  • Add Logo or Sponsors to Name tag: Tap Settings - Tap Event - Tap Badge corners - tap logo on USB or Folder (5 seconds)
  • Personalize Name tags: Tap Settings - Tap Event - On badge: Enable/Disable Last name, Company, Position (5 seconds)
  • Print Sponsor info: Tap sponsor logo on dashboard (1 second) (enable by: Tap Settings - Tap Sponsors - Tap Enable)
  • Take a guest SurveyTap Settings - Tap Enable Survey (enable by: Tap Settings - Tap Setup Survey - Type question) 
  • Add your logo to dashboard: Tap Settings - Tap 'Logo & Color' - Tap import Logo - choose from USB or folder (3 seconds)
  • Set custom dashboard color: Tap Settings - Tap 'Logo & Color' - Tap a color within Logo or color grid (3 seconds)
  • Custom welcome screen message: Tap Settings - Tap Print - Type custom welcome message (10 seconds)
  • Create an event on-the-fly: Just turn it on - Events are created daily (0 seconds)
  • Create an event in the future: Tap Settings - Tap Events - Tap Add Event (3 seconds)
  • Refer üCheck-N-Print system to others: (Thank you!)  Tap the übersimple logo on the dashboard (1 second)
 ~Times are approximate, (but really, really close to the real thing)

Add the uCheck-N-Print system to your venue or event!

See üCheck-N-Print in action!

This Demo is Amazing... MUST WATCH!

Hablamos Espanol!

Increased Vendor & Sponsor Engagement

How many Screens Do I Need? 

You can check-in 100 people in 10 minutes with 1 station...That's 300 people with one station with a 30 minute check in window.
Then just multiply form there. If you have a 1 hour registration window, you can check in 600 people. If you have 2 machines, then double the numbers up, etc.  

Personally, we use one of 3 formulas to figure this out:

METHOD 1: 100% RSVP, 100% of the Time:
If your event is by RSVP only, estimate each check-in takes 3 seconds (5 seconds initially, but people get faster the 2nd time they use it)
So 100 people @ 5 seconds each = 500 seconds or about 9 minutes (@ 3 seconds = 300 seconds or about 5 minutes)

For every 100-300 event with pre-registered people, you should only need 1 stations per event to accommodate a 30 minute pre-event check in window
For every 250-500 event with pre-registered people, you should only need 2 stations per event to accommodate a 30 minute pre-event check in window
For every 400-800 event with pre-registered people, you should only need 3 stations per event to accommodate a 30 minute pre-event check in window

For a 60 minute check in window, fewer stations could be used.

METHOD 2Mostly RSVP, but several new walk-ins and/or the same guests over and over who did not pre-register:
If you expect Walk-ins or the same people attend all events and walk-ins become "semi-regulars", the formula changes to: 
5 seconds for each piece of info you require (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company, Job Title, Twitter)...so approximately 30 seconds for each walkin. 

The RSVP list is still approximately 3-5 seconds a person

The Walk-ins range between approximately 5-30 seconds a person based on how much information you collect

However, Once a walk-in registers, they remain in the uCheckNPrint system for future check-ins, so they do not need to re-type info again meaning 1st time registration can be 30 seconds, but future check-ins will be the approximate 3 seconds since now they have used the system once 

(We use 30% walk-ins as that is the number we historically see where events allow walk-in registrations.) 
So if your events host 100-250 people, with roughly 30% new walk-ins, 1 station could stretch since the number of new names diminishes
If your events hosts 200-400 people, with roughly 30% new walk-ins, 2  stations should accommodate
If your events hosts 300-600 people, with roughly 30% new walk-ins, 3 stations should accommodate

More stations stretch further since not everyone arrives at once, and you can set once stations as a dedicated walk-in stations if desired.

METHOD 3: Walk-ins are customary, and new walk-ins at each event:
If you run more public events or social events where people come and go and you never know who is really there, expect that each people will end up registering on the system but each event will have new people attending and therefore new names entered.  

This uses much of the same math as above, but you consistently are having new people, so:
For an event with 150 people and 30% walk-ins, you could stretch 1 station for a 30 minutes registration window. (100 @ 5 seconds  = 500 seconds or 9 minutes) + (50 @ 5-30 seconds = 250-1500 seconds or 4 minutes to 25 minutes).

For every 100 people, 1 station would be ideal for a 30 minute check in window.
For every 200 people, 1 station would be ideal for a 60 minute check in window.

The above calculations are approximations. If you want us to estimate the number of stations you need, send us an email and we can arrange an appointment to go over your plan with you. 

What is the Setup Process For an Event?
The setup process is typically under 5 minutes, and as you get more familiar with it, you move a lot faster. 
  1. Plug extension cord into wall. (30 seconds)
  2. Place monitor on table and open kickstand to desired height (30 seconds)
  3. Plug monitor power cable into Extension cord and to back of monitor - yellow plug (30 seconds)
  4. Press power button on monitor (on the lower right side) - let it start up and load (90 seconds)
  5. Place printer to the right of the monitor - (30 seconds)
  6. Plug printer power cord into extension cord and printer (it automatically turns on) (30 seconds)
  7. Plug USB cable for printer into Monitor (back side) (30 seconds)
  8. Ensure cables are not going to be stepped on (60 seconds)
  9. Done
To import your RSVP list into the station:
  1. Once system starts, insert USB key with CSV/XLS file on it. 
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Event
  4. Set the proper date of the event (The station automatically loads events based on the date) 
  5. Tap Import (click on file one time, then click SAVE) - let it load
  6. Tap Activate
  7. Done

NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: Even through we mention using uCheckNPrint with Eventbrite, Attend.com, or Meetup.com, Ubersimple has no business arrangement or legal affiliation with Eventbrite, Attend.com, or Meetup.com. Though, in our opinion, they do have very powerful and robust online registration systems that we would strongly recommend use for your events. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.