Featured Mortgage Loan Officer

Test as a public user

This is how clients will see your Digital Business Card When You send them a link, such as: http://appk.me/SAMPLE

1) Scroll Up and Down Page
     The layout is in three sections- Personal info, Company info & Product info

2) Tap "Video"  tabs to see intros

     These are short introduction Videos That allow you to get to know the professional, Their company, and Their product

3) Tap "More "to read a bio .  
     Each About section Provides background information on wither the product, person, or company. 

4)  Tap "Contact Buttons "to Call, Email, etc.
     The professional and company information each separate unavailable, So THAT Consumers can reach Quickly That Person

5)  Tap "Links "to see tools and resources
     Professionals can share anything That They want to Have Their prospects to learn comfortable with. 

6) Tap " Share " (upper right) , to send to a friend
     Email this to a friend So They can learn about it.