The Automated Way To See Sales Team Rankings 

Scoreboard creates a friendly competition where everybody wins!!

See your rankings in real time - anytime!
No Manual Data Entry Needed - Fully Automated!

Interact with a live test site!

Login: demo      Password: demo 

Change between the different rankings 
by clicking different parts of the header 

(Tip: on mobile, add it to your Home screen to launch it on the go!) 

NEW! - Ask us to mock-up a test site for you! - Free/No obligation
Our randomizer will generate fake data, and we can customize the header & colors. 
Have your team watch your own demo update daily.
Interested? - Send us an email here with the # of LO's, an annual volume number, and color tones 
(or we can match colors from your websites logo). 

Scoreboard for Ellie Mae Encompass

Designed for mortgage companies and similar sales organizations.

The scoreboard runs on your server and the data stays under your control!

The scoreboard runs & updates automatically! - No manual data entry required!

View the scoreboard from your laptop, mobile phone or display it on wall monitors in every office!

So Simple - Really Cool!




Sales Team/Loan Originators: 
See how you rank among your peers by volume and units. 
Know how much the person ahead of you is leading by and move up the ranks!

Instant insight into your organization to see real time numbers -
No more waiting until the month is over. 
Helps assist with future projections and expected closing volume. 

See how your effort helps push the company to meet its goals.
Get an immediate sense of the future work load.

  • Your Logo and colors to match
  • Privacy - the tool and data stay on your system
  • Security - individual logins per person
  • Rank LO's by Originations Month-to-date by Volume and Units
  • Rank LO's by Submissions Month-to-date by Volume and Units
  • Rank LO's by Fundings Month-to-date by Volume and Units
  • Rank LO's by Fundings Year-to-date by Volume and Units
  • Rank within a State, Office, or custom Region
  • You can group LOs together to combine Volume and Units as a team
  • You can move former LO's to the 'Other' bucket so the rankings
  • You can exclude LOs from the system if needed (i.e. Managers or Training users, etc)
  • Manage LO photos as easy as saving a photo to a central folder

Need more? - Customization available with fast turn around!